2022’s Donation to Cumbria Wildlife Trust

One of our members, Martin Rhodes, has been working with Cumbria Wildlife Trust to ensure that the “Classics over Sands” donation is spent on a specific local initiative. It has been decide that it should be spent on the ongoing management works at Foulshaw and Meathop Mosses Nature Reserves.

These two Nature Reserves are near Witherslack, just outside Grange-over-Sands. They are lowland raised mires (sphagnum peat bogs) a relatively rare habitat in the UK which is concentrated in the North West. Many UK raised mires have been drained in the past so that the land could be used for grazing, afforestation, etc. This causes the peat body to dry out and sphagnum moss to stop growing.

Peatlands store vast quantities of carbon – ‘locking in’ an estimated 3.2 billion tonnes in the UK alone. Where conditions allow sphagnum to continue to grow, it continues to absorb more carbon. Conversely, when peat bodies are drained and dry out, they release the carbon that they have previously absorbed. At Foulshaw and Meathop the CWT management has involved blocking the drains to raise the water table and slow the rate of water loss, preserving the existing peat and allowing to sphagnum to grow again. 

This feels a particularly appropriate cause for us to support, given that this work is genuinely offsetting the impact of our cars and hobby, in a way that is much more effective and immediate than planting young trees. It’s also supporting a local wildlife site and rare habitat which is home to other species including Osprey.

The Classics over Sands Team

New charities for 2023

For 2023 Classics over Sands will be supporting two charities, both close to our hearts, one a national charity PKD and the other more local, St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston.

We have chosen PKD as it gives very important support to children and adults suffering from this not particularly well known and serious illness. PKD is an awful illness impacting the kidney function, in both Adults and impacted babies.

St. Mary’s is our local hospice, providing in patient care as well as outpatient facilities for adults with life shortening illnesses or long term conditions. The hospice only receives limited NHS funding, so local support is vital to its continuing work.

“Big cheque” for Blood bikes

After our successful event on 7th August, we are delighted to present our chosen charity with a cheque for £3,627.59, which included bucket collections “on the day”. Geoff Critchley, our Chairman made the award to representatives of Blood bikes, together with one of the cars displayed at the event. A huge thank you to all the entrants who brought their cars, visitors and helpers who made our event truly special.

Remember, next year we have a slight date change to Sunday 13th August 2023.

2022 Show results

A big thank you to all our visitors and entrants to Classics over sands on Sunday 7th August. We were blessed with wonderful weather and a huge crowd of visitors, with a spectacular array of vehicles. This was the first time we have asked visitors to vote for the cars, which certainly went down well, given the huge number of results we had to count!

Prize Winners 2022

Best in Show – DSG Trophy238T BrindleBentley Straight 8
A –  Cars to 1959
Frank Brooks Trophy
176N HamerRiley 12/4 Kestrel
A – Runner up218M MyerscoughAustin A35
B –  Cars from 1960 to 1979
Andrew Monk Trophy  
99M & F MillerMorris Minor Van
B – Runner up115J WilsonAlvis TD21
C – Cars from 1980 onward
Eric Livermore Trophy
44J NorthAustin Maestro
C – Runner up27J HolcroftJaguar XJS
D – Motor Cycles & Bicycles 
Air Ambulance Trophy
47I SissonBrough Superior
 D – Runner up217G PowisNorton Commando

Full field expected, with entries closing shortly

With a close to full entry list, we will be closing our entry system very soon. We anticipate that the online system will close end of day Thursday 28th July to allow us to organise the administration and ensure that all printing and paperwork is in place.

The show starts at 10am, when the cars start to arrive, by noon we expect to have over 300 vehicles displayed across the field.

Visitors to the show Pay £5 per person on the gate (accompanied children under 16 free) and each family group receives a 40 page colour brochure entirely free. This year we will be expecting entrants and spectators to join in with judging the Vehicles.

See stars at Classics over Sands 7th August in Grange

Originally owned by BONO of U2 fame, this fantastic Lamborghini Espada clearly predates Bono’s current green credentials. With a thirsty V12 fed by no less that 6 Weber Carburettors, this is one expensive beast to run, at circa ten mpg (yes 10)! In its day the Espada was the fastest 4 seater car on the planet (156mph) and retailed at twice the price of a Rolls Royce.

So make a date in your diary to see this fantastic car, along with nearly 300 other amazing classics.


This gorgeous 1929 Morgan three wheeler, has been owned by its current keeper since October last year and is another of the interesting vehicles entered for Classics over sands on Sunday 7th August.

Morgan introduced the “Super Sports Aero” model as the top of their range, at the October motorcycle show in 1927, fitted with a water cooled overhead valve 1100cc JAP v twin engine, and, as all vintage Morgans, fitted with a 2 speed chain transmission, using sprockets and dogs, rather like the Frazer Nash. The model was advertised as capable of 80 mph. It was with this model, fitted with a racing JAP engine, that Gwenda Stewart attained 115mph at Montlhery in 1930. This Morgan has been fitted with an engine similar to Gwenda Stewarts’ and thus (in theory) capable of much more than 80 mph!! although the owner has not been brave enough to drive it at that speed yet, although, I’m told, it does accelerate up to the legal limit very easily.