1938 Brough Superior motorcycle and sidecar

Brough motorcycles were manufactured between 1920 and 1939, with around 3000 made.  It is reckoned around a third have survived and the 1938 SS80 entered for this year’s show was originally supplied to the Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard (very Dixon of Dock Green).  It was supplied with a guarantee to achieve 80 mph, useful for catching pre-war villains!

Brough motorcycles were the Rolls Royce equivalent of motorcycling, renowned for the build quality and extremely innovative for the period.  Come and see this wonderful machine and hundreds of others at Classics over Sands, in Grange over Sands on Sunday 13th August.

Messerschmitt’s to land in Grange at Classics over Sands in August

We are expecting a brace of wonderful Messershmitts to land in Grange at our Classic Car Show in August. The Messerschmitt micro car was built by the aircraft company during the 1950’s, ceasing production in 1964. Very rare in the UK, they were exceptionally well built, with an aircraft style canopy which hinged to the side to allow access. With no steering wheel (its basically handlebars) and room for a squashed duo of passengers behind the front seated driver, they are certainly a different driving experience!

1952 Jowett Jupiter

One of only 825 Jowett Jupiters ever built is entered for Classics over Sands on Sunday 13th August. Jowett were based in Bradford and made a saloon version (Javelin) and ceased trading in the mid 1950’s. The current owners have kept the car pristine over their 20 years of ownership.

Volvo P1800

A recently entered 1962 P1800 caught my eye, the model assembled by Jenson who made the Austin Healey bodies as well an many of their own cars) , the chassis was built in Linwood at the Hillman plant in Scotland, which was then transported down to Jenson who then assembled the body and chassis.

A couple from Penrith bought it new 1-7-1962 but it was not to the wife’s liking so sold it to the present owners Uncle. It was recently restored to it’s former glory  by Fletchers Garage of Penrith. One unusual feature of the car is the upturned ‘ cowhorn’ bumpers. The Volvo P1800 was made famous by Roger Moore in the Simon Templar programme ‘The Saint.’

Look out for this gorgeous car at Classics over sands, Sunday August 13th.

We are looking for volunteers

For Classics over Sands on 13th August 2023

This year we would like to put on a display of vintage (50-70s) children’s pedal cars, if you happen to have one or know someone who may be interested in displaying their pedal car please let us know.

Classics over Sands is run entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. Our fantastic team of volunteers, many from the Grange over Sands area, played a major part in running the event in 2022.  Indeed, we are looking for volunteers to help with the event,

Please contact Phil on classicsoversands.org@gmail.com if you would like more information on volunteering or are interested in displaying your Vintage pedal car.

Good start to entries

With over 80 entries in the first week, we’re off to a great start! It’s been lovely to hear from so many entrants from previous years, with many new names amongst the early entries. One of our attractions last year was a Lamborghini Espada, who sadly was a no show. Cliff the owner wrote to tell me that the Espada’s fuel pump had packed up on the M6, near Lancaster, we wish Cliff better luck with this years entry!

Entries open

Entries are now open for Classics over Sands at Grange over Sands on the 13th August 2023.   

Following our fantastic re-launch event last August which attracted a record entry, we are now looking ahead to the coming event.  We have looked at what worked well (almost everything) and what needs improvement (mainly the loo’s).  We are also thinking hard about our broader attractions so that there are lots of things to engage the visitor, as well as the cars and bikes of course.  Last year we were able to make donations totalling over £4000 to Blood Bikes and other worthy causes including the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.  None of this would have been possible without yourselves, the entrants, and your great classics – thank you.  

This year we can only accept entries made via our website.  We are sorry but can no longer handle posted requests.   

To Enter, please…

  • follow the link: How to enter your vehicle at www.ClassicsOverSands.org
  • fill in the on-line form
  • include your e-mail address (unfortunately this has to be entered more than once)
  • use your debit card to pay the £6 fee to complete your entry

Two e-mails will then be sent to you: 

  1. an immediate confirmation of your application
  2. a numbered receipt, which should be received within 7 days

On Arrival at the Show…

  • show your receipt to the gate steward
  • visit Registration in the Marquee to get your…
    • Class/Number Card for your car windscreen 
    • Event Brochure

If you are unable to use the internet, please ask a friend to fill in your entry for you.   

As usual cars and motorcycles will have their own display areas.  All cars will be parked-up in order of arrival rather than by class.  This simplifies the field layout and reduces the number of marshals needed.  If you want to park next to your friends – all drive in together and you will be parked together irrespective of Class.
Classics over Sands is on Sunday 13th August, please put this date in your Diary NOW!

Classics over Sands is run entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis.
from…  Geoff and the Team at Classics over Sands

2022’s Donation to Cumbria Wildlife Trust

One of our members, Martin Rhodes, has been working with Cumbria Wildlife Trust to ensure that the “Classics over Sands” donation is spent on a specific local initiative. It has been decide that it should be spent on the ongoing management works at Foulshaw and Meathop Mosses Nature Reserves.

These two Nature Reserves are near Witherslack, just outside Grange-over-Sands. They are lowland raised mires (sphagnum peat bogs) a relatively rare habitat in the UK which is concentrated in the North West. Many UK raised mires have been drained in the past so that the land could be used for grazing, afforestation, etc. This causes the peat body to dry out and sphagnum moss to stop growing.

Peatlands store vast quantities of carbon – ‘locking in’ an estimated 3.2 billion tonnes in the UK alone. Where conditions allow sphagnum to continue to grow, it continues to absorb more carbon. Conversely, when peat bodies are drained and dry out, they release the carbon that they have previously absorbed. At Foulshaw and Meathop the CWT management has involved blocking the drains to raise the water table and slow the rate of water loss, preserving the existing peat and allowing to sphagnum to grow again. 

This feels a particularly appropriate cause for us to support, given that this work is genuinely offsetting the impact of our cars and hobby, in a way that is much more effective and immediate than planting young trees. It’s also supporting a local wildlife site and rare habitat which is home to other species including Osprey.

The Classics over Sands Team

New charities for 2023

For 2023 Classics over Sands will be supporting two charities, both close to our hearts, one a national charity PKD and the other more local, St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston.

We have chosen PKD as it gives very important support to children and adults suffering from this not particularly well known and serious illness. PKD is an awful illness impacting the kidney function, in both Adults and impacted babies.

St. Mary’s is our local hospice, providing in patient care as well as outpatient facilities for adults with life shortening illnesses or long term conditions. The hospice only receives limited NHS funding, so local support is vital to its continuing work.