Sadly the 2019 event has had to be cancelled.  All our hopes for reasonable weather came to nothing.  The field drains really well, but this year the rain was just too intense.

On Friday, we brought all our equipment to the field and prepared for set-up day on Saturday.  It was wet and the lower field was quite squishy but we were still cautiously optimistic.  However when we met at 10am on Saturday after a torrential night of rain the field was awash.  There was no doubt that even with no further rain the field could not take sustained motor traffic.  These are my boots at 10am on Saturday near to the big tree where the public drive to the car park….


Cancellation  is a massive disappointment.  A whole years work for nothing.  But as a committee we feel the loss most because we know how much our entrants look forward to this unique event.   I thank everyone who has sent messages of support since the cancellation was announced.   August 9th 2020 will soon be here we shall not be daunted.   Geoff Critchley – Chairman