How to Enter

Complete an Entry Form

We will have an online entry form live on the site from mid February 2022 

Data Protection (GDPR)

The organisers maintain a database of entrant’s personal contact details in order to administer the event.  Our Data Protection Policy can be downloaded here.

Entry Numbers

Please clearly display your entry number so that entrants and visitors can read the brochure and see the details of your vehicle.

Please do not leave the Show Early

We understand that there are many reasons why an entrant may wish to leave early. However, please be aware that the event is advertised as finishing at 4.30pm. Visitors will be disappointed if exhibits leave before then. We hope that all of our entrants will enjoy their day at the Show and honour our obligation to our visitors by remaining on the show-field.

Moving vehicles

Our visitors, including young children and the elderly, are not expecting vehicles to be moving about. The organisers take responsibility for the safety of our visitors at all times, and the support of all entrants is vital in this matter. Before moving your vehicle for whatever reason prior to 4.30pm you must seek the assistance of a marshal.

Can I park with my friend?

 Space is limited and the marshals are responsible for ensuring there is sufficient space for everyone. Please do not ask them to reserve a space next to you for your friend who has not arrived yet. If you want to park together and are in the same class, please meet up off site and arrive together.

Visitors in Classics

Classic Vehicles arriving without an entry number are welcome but will be charged the normal fee applicable to members of the public arriving as spectators. They will be directed to a dedicated Classics Parking Area.  Do make yourselves known at the Pavilion and we will undertake to send you an entry form for the following year. These Classics are not eligible for awards.