Volvo P1800

A recently entered 1962 P1800 caught my eye, the model assembled by Jenson who made the Austin Healey bodies as well an many of their own cars) , the chassis was built in Linwood at the Hillman plant in Scotland, which was then transported down to Jenson who then assembled the body and chassis.

A couple from Penrith bought it new 1-7-1962 but it was not to the wife’s liking so sold it to the present owners Uncle. It was recently restored to it’s former glory  by Fletchers Garage of Penrith. One unusual feature of the car is the upturned ‘ cowhorn’ bumpers. The Volvo P1800 was made famous by Roger Moore in the Simon Templar programme ‘The Saint.’

Look out for this gorgeous car at Classics over sands, Sunday August 13th.

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